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Hi, I think I have decided to do the ACL in the 1940-1950. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some good ACL steam locos. I know the new one Athearn has put out but thats all that I know about. IHC also makes a few but are they good, quality locos? Thanks for the Help, Jason

-- Jason Castine (, June 24, 2002


Jason -

I have about 60 or so negatives of ACL steam locomotives. Contact me and I'll see if I have anything you need. There is a charge for prints, but I try to keep it reasonable.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, June 26, 2002.


Excellent choice in eras and motive power - besides, diesels are for "nancy-boys" (just kidding). To answer your questions:

Athearn USRA 4-6-2: Accurate for ACL P-5a 1500-1544 if you replace the delta trailing truck with a cole-scolville truck. To accurately model the remaining P-5as and the P-5bs will require relocating the sand dome rearward. All P-5bs had smaller diameter drivers than the models. Substitution of Walscheart valve gear be needed for the later P-5bs (scratchbuilding job). Athearn 4-6-2s are reportedly mediocre pullers without adding additional weight.

Bachmann Russian 2-10-0: ACL O/S class. Out of the box the model is accurate for a few of the ACL 2-10-0s. By substituting various cabs and tender step parts available separately from Bachmann will permit you to more closely match the model to a particular ACL engine. No news on how the model operates.

Life-Like USRA 0-8-0: ACL E-14 class. Model pretty close to the ACL 0-8-0s. Will need to swap Walscheart valve gear for the model's Baker valve gear (scratchbuilding job). The model comes with a version of the USRA tender not used behind the ACL E-14s (more on that below). Have heard good things regarding pulling ability.

Life-Like USRA 0-6-0: ACL E-9 class. With the exception of the tender the model is perfect for the ACL USRA 0-6-0. By increasing the distance between the front sand dome and steam dome,you could model the ACL's E-13 USRA copy 0-6-0. Regarding the tender: due to economic decisions, Life-Like was forced to choose amongst the most widely used versions of the USRA tenders - unfortunately, the versions selected do not include those used behind the ACL's USRA switchers (SAL fans waiting on the SAL USRA 0-6-0 have the same problem). As of right now, the only option is to modify the tender by adding the inward sloping side sheets on the tender - should be a relatively simple procedure. We are exploring possible options for an aftermarket tender(s) that would mount on the LL tender frame and permit one to model the ACL's 0-6-0s and 0-8-0s as well as the SAL 0- 6-0.

Other than the brass Overland 4-8-4s that date back to about 1975 (poor runners) and the previously discussed locomotives, that is about it. There are other models out there that may serve as a good starting point for a major kitbash (ex. Bachmann 0-6-0T into an ACL E- 4/E-10 0-6-0). Hopefully others will weigh in with opinions and suggestions.

-- Buddy Hill (, June 24, 2002.

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