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Guys. has anyone tried to remove the baffles from a standard exhaust system ???? I'm thinking of giving it a go.


-- Pete Hughes (, June 23, 2002


I meet someone in Michigan who did that. The re-weld was clean, and the moise a little up with a deeper sound. He told me that it was fairly easy, and improve the response.

-- Olivier Thomas (, June 23, 2002.

Hmmm.Thanks Oliver ..... I was thinking more the baffles in the very tips...... I know it's easy to remove the tips.......which are pop riveted on.....just curious what effect removing the fibreglass deadening material and baffles would have.....I don't intend to open up the silencers........


-- Pete Hughes (, June 24, 2002.

hey i need to know how to remove the baffles from a Kawasaki AR50. its slow and sluggish and im from the uk. Any ideas ? its a standard exaust.


-- mark stones (, October 21, 2003.


I did just this a few months back. I emailed Ed at racersden some time back on yahoo in response to his query. Here is my post to him followed by that of a fellow countryman of yours:

Hi Ed, I debaffled an exhaust I got off ebay and have been running it for the last couple of weeks. I actually purchased the full system just to have the header coated in ceramic and a spare but another member here, Baz I think it was (also in Oz), had his done and liked the results. I failed to notice he was talking about an RG3 being opened and mine was standard. The rivets take only a short time to drill out but pulling off each end can is another story - use lots of lube! Inside there is a small perforated pipe from the "muffler" back ending in a welded-on cone which fits nicely inside the rolled tip of each end piece. A spring/collar arrangement pushes the perf'd pipe back to keep it snug against the can. Steel wool/batting is wrapped around the perf'd pipe for the whole length. Easy enough to rivet back together. No loss of throttle response or rideability and the sound is improved. The full Casoli converstion also opens up each solid muffler and removes some baffling there - I could have cut mine open but not re- welded in the garage so decided against this part. From all reports this is an ear splitting conversion. I would have liked slightly more sound but am happy to have less than more in this case. It's only slightly louder at idle and low revs but when opened up is louder and significantly different than stock. The ends were bead blasted for a natural metal finish: g James Here is Baz's report: -----Original Message----- From: mvaussie Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 9:15 PM To: Subject: [MV-Agusta] fix-raw sound

hi everyone,i finally got my rg3 exhaust back from the engineer and this is what he did,he drilled out the rivets on the 4 pipes and removed the baffling these consist of 28mm id piping which have holes drilled in them, a spring then surrounds the pipes and these then have fibreglass packing wrapped around the springs, he then replaced them with larger 43mm id undrilled piping, no springs and certainly no fibreglass packing just straight unbaffled pipes.the sound is now as a mv shoud be it sounds great at idle,not too loud around town[a little quiter than a duke with accesory pipes] but out on the highway at high rpm it sounds sensational like a racing 4-stroke.i can now shine a torch down the 2 outer pipes and see the internal baffling deep inside the exhaust, he wanted to retain this for backpressure and avoid the major surgery of removing them as well.the bike now revs quicker,sounds crisper and does not misfire because of the mod and i am rapt as it now sounds as good as it looks.on another note you guys in europe make me jealous when i read about your trips to the gp when i am sitting here thousands of miles north of phillip island ,lucky buggers, cheers baz.

-- James (, October 22, 2003.

I need to know how to take teh baffles out of a 2000 2001 polaris snowmachine??? and if possible in a Formula Dlx 308

thanks jeff

-- jeff gaboury (, December 04, 2003.

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