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I really need advice: I'm in a really nasty situation.. I purchased a 94 ford explorer last May(2001). My car was financed through A-L Financial, here in Fresno. It's one of those second chance finance companies with extremely high interest rates.. due to my poor credit ( I had to get my mother to co-sign ). My father agreed to pay my $275.50 monthly until I found a job.. which he did for about three months and then missed one and didn't not tell me... my note is due every 17th of the month. I found a job that next month..and used my new income to do major work on the lemon SUV that I purchased from the lot.. I'd only had it two months before the heads blew. That was 1500.. then I had to get a Radiator... Water pump, and termostat. Adding up to over $2300 worth of work. When my note lapsed for that next time, my car was up for reposession!! and they did.. they took it from my new job.. how embarrasing.. I imediately came up with the money to get it out.. that would be the two months of payment and fees for the auction yard and police release and possesion release.. came up to over $800.00 Then a year went by and I lost my job and wasn't working... I missed one payment.. as I found another job.. I was going to pay that last month and this month with my first check ( I get paid on the 21st of each month now).. and again they took my car, this past thursday.. I called the company and spoke to Silvia at A-L financial who I'd spoke to many time before, I asked her if she had my car taken, because it wasn't in my stall and I thought it was stolen.. at this point I'm at a panic... close to tears.. and she told me that she'd call back within the hour to let me know. fifty five mins. goes by and I'm restless, so I call her back( late for my new job, I had to be at work @9:00am, it was now 9:57 or so)...she said didnt I tell you to call back within the hour.. and I told her I'm sorry but I'm concerned.. she said okay we'll call you back okay.. Really testy.. a lot of sterness in her voice. Then she called back, and said yeah I have the car.. and I said okay.. how much do I owe you.. I'll have it Friday, I get paid.. I can even get a payday advance and get it to you today, I'll just miss work!! then she said that would be great, but the only thing is: I've decided that you have to give us all of the money you have left to pay off the car in order to get it back.. and that all added up to $5,901.68, I told her that I could only possibly come up with 3 or 4 thousand and could I continue my regular payments until Income Tax time at which point I will pay off the rest of my car!!!She said no, I want this to be a lesson to you in life, when I call your house and there is no answer, it just rings and rings.. that makes me upset.. you have to learn the hard way in life.. sorry bye.. you come up with the money before July 5th, then we can talk!! I went into a fit.. I was so mad at her.. how could she be so dramatic about my phone.. my roomate always unplugs my machine because she's just a plain ole' evil person and we don't get along (my phone line is in her room, that's the way our apartment made it).. so my phone ringing and ringing isn't my fault.. I missed plenty of important calls due to that fact..

All in all, I want to know is there anyway I can get my car with the proposition I made to Silvia, or is she's just being an evil "you know what"? and I can fight her legaly.. I've put too much time and struggle and investing into that car.. I bust my butt at work everyday to pay my note..and when I lost my job I fell back, but I found another job.. I need help. I also want to know is there any Lemon laws that I can use against them? The car is in great condition due to me.. If I wasn't serious about paying my note I would have left it in Repo the first time.. she's just doing this because she know's I've fixed that car up!! and they want it back...she knows I can't come up with that kind of money in that little amount of time... please help

Deonah S. Ray

-- Deonah Ray (, June 22, 2002


All that typing...and this is a site for UK home repossessions. Sorry!

-- Too scared to say (, June 22, 2002.

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