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Hi -- I have an electric Zappia PARADISO sa Lugano 2 cup espresso maker that is very cool to look at but needs a basket (proper name for the part?) to keep the coffee off the steam vents.

Does anyone know about Paradiso machines? When they were made? Are parts available?


-- Phil (, June 21, 2002


Hi I have a similar unit I just bought off EBay and while it is complete I still need things like new rubber seals and I want to make sure I am using all the parts correctly...

Mine has three parts above the standpipe basket..

a basket to place espresso in a cover to place over the coffee and a shield that is placed in the lid and behind the rubber seal to prevent coffee from going thru the spout ..

If I can be of help in getting a machine shop to clone mine I will be happy to work with you on that level. That may be the only way we can get parts for this

send me an email and I wil attach a photo to make sure we are dealing with the same unit and to exchange stories on coffee etc.


-- David Cain (, November 23, 2002.

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