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Hey all i want to get the lyrics of varnams especially hamsadwani, kalyani and begada(adi thalam only). Can anyone please suggest a site to get the lyrics or send me the lyrics. Thnak you very much!

-- Padma priya (, June 21, 2002


Do you need any varnam in Hamsadwani, Kalyani and begada or you need purticular composers' varnam? I can send you the lyrics and notes for all the varnams you need. If you want, please mention the name of the composer of that varnam.

-- Flute Sridhar (, June 25, 2002.

Namaste Flute Sridhar!

I also need the lyrics of some varnams. Shankarabharanam, Saveri, Darbar, Thodi. I came across these varnams in a book, SANGEETHA VIDYADARPANAM written by Eka Subbharao; but it is not mine. I don't know composer either. Please help me. Thank You. Padma SunderRaj

-- Padma Sunderraj (, December 02, 2002.

Did you check out shivkumar kalyanaraman's site?he has the lurics to all the varnams that you have asked for.

-- Sudha Rajesh (, June 15, 2003.

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