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Good day all:

Ken Vest of 332 Little Quarry Road here. I am producing a television news story to be distributed to local TV and network news programs nationwide. And I need to include a family in this story. I'm hoping someone in the community will be willing to help me out.

The subject of the story is personal risk. A large majority of people today have life insurance through their employer --typically a group life insurance policy which in most cases does not adequately protect their financial security.

I am looking for a family who has recently recognized this and has decided to purchase or is considering purchasing additional individual life insurance.

This story will not get into the specific details of your financial profile --your income --assets nor any other personal information will be discussed.

But you will be asked to talk on camera about why you chose to seek additional coverage and we will also want to video tape you doing some fun things with your family.

So, if anyone in the Kentlands wants to star in a TV news story please e-mail me at or give me a call at 301-208-0335.

Thanks ken vest

-- Ken Vest (, June 21, 2002

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