Zelda has changed my life in so many ways...

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I went to Radio Shack the other day, and they were selling one of those $250 keyboards with like 1000 noise effects on it. "Ocarina" was one of them. I played the opening song to FF6 using ocarina, and it sounded really nifty. You should all teach yourself that song. It's deceptively easy to learn by ear.

-- Jubei Skyrender (final_mad_jedi@yahoo.com), June 21, 2002


heh, i remeber spending hours composing ocarina songs in OOT...i can play "kakariko village" theme, the ff6 overworld theme, Cyan's theme, and Rydia's theme on the ocarina, as well as many others...

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), June 21, 2002.

But can you play any Britney? That's the big question.

-- Mark (fay_mark@hotmail.com), June 23, 2002.

I wanna learn to play Rakki, Rakki (lucky lucky, pokemon song) Team Rocket's Rockin', and the melody for "In the End" by linkin park on the electric guitar...

-- Princess Ami (taimaishoo1@aol.com), June 26, 2002.

live a life, sad sad fucks, more to life and playing a ocarina!

-- danny ass not tellin (dannydathing@yahoo.co.uk), June 15, 2003.

Really though...stop playing your damn ocarina! Go fishing or something!

-- who cares?!?! (Jubie@aol.com), June 22, 2003.

I own an electric guitar and play some songs with a friend. Some are Smoke on the water/ Deep Purple, Fasion Victim/Green Day, and Blitzkrieg Bop/ The Ramones. I like the slower paced music of the ocarina, and have ordered one. Maybe, we can incorporate it into our band.

-- The Scarecrow (scarecrow1200@aol.com), February 22, 2004.

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