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Hi I live in Queanbeyan (near Canberra) and I love soya beans cooked the Japanese way (boiled, with salt) as a snack. Can anyone tell me where I could buy some or where I can buy seed to grow some please

-- tracy bell (, June 20, 2002


soya beans

Hi Tracy,

Eden Seeds supply non-hybrid seeds that have not been treated with chemicals. Kiala pure foods near Toowoomba can supply organic seed. Regards john Breeze

-- John Breeze (, August 03, 2002.


We have embarked on a 16,000-acre Soya Bean cultvation Project in Ghana. We are looking for a serious and long term supplier of high grade seeds for planting. Please, contact us immediately if you are capable. We also want permanent buyers of our produce.(over 90,000 tons per annum) Potential buyers are to contact us, first, by e-mail.

-- Seth Yeboah (, August 29, 2002.

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