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Many of the participants from this board have moved to a new site. This site will also remain available for viewing and posting for those who would like to stay here. Thank you for your help and cooperation as we make this transition.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, June 19, 2002


Dear Melissa, I am hoping you can help me. I was out of town Friday. Today I opened my computer to find that there was a dozen messages that said I sent them on Friday and they couldn't be sent. By Damon which I think is a Lunset site. Could someone have my email and be sending out messages. Where would I look for these messages. I just received an odd message that I didn't open that said to stop sending them messages then there was some sick thing under the message. I am asking you because I know you had had trouble and I have never had a problem on the computer. I guess I will have to get rid of this toy if it doesn't stop. Now on a positive side I have asked my server to stop anything from Lunset to me or Damon or anything that looks junk or virus type stuff which they did so I probably won't see those messages again. My question is, can someone use my email to send messages and then the messages be returned to my server? Debbie

-- debbie (, June 22, 2002.

Could someone have answered an old question, or id dyou answer an old question on any Lusenet forum lately???? If you marked to get the answers returned to you, and it was a wrong address you could get these falure notices. I would just delete them. These things seen to go around once in a while. But I have not had any sent to me so far...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, June 23, 2002.

No it is more than that. It had the server Damon and was done on a day I was out of town. Wasn't too interested or cared but got a few emails since that are pretty bad. Had my computer checked out for a virus which thankfully I do not have at present. Updated virus protection and told my server to keep all messages except the ones I designated and to check out. It was probably a nut case and probably won't happen again. You see I got one dumb email saying isn't it cool to send out fake emails! If I get another one I won't know about it with the server on guard. But thanks for taking the time to answer. I kind of miss the old homesteading forums. It seems no one is on any of them anymore. Again thanks,Debbie

-- debbie (, June 23, 2002.

I know I miss it here too. Seems a little simpler, but as soon as we post here, more junk starts appearing, and honestly I don't have time to delete it right now.

It is too bad there are people who have fun by causing chaos. I hope you get your troubles straightened out...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, June 24, 2002.

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