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What kind of signaling, if any, was used between Chattahoochee and Tallahassee before the more recent upgrading for Amtrak runs?

-- Ethan Fellows (, June 19, 2002


Back in the mid 1980's there were 3 manual blocks covering this "dark territory". They were the Tallahassee, Quincy, and Gretna blocks given out by the SCL "West End" dispatcher.

Today it is still dark territory, but operation has changed slightly. A passing siding was added at Douglas City, just west of Tallahassee back in about 1993 when the Sunset Limited started running. Before this, there were no passing sidings between Tallahassee and Chattahoochie. This was a pain for freight trains because one had to wait at either end for and oncoming train, causing a lot of delay. There are APProach signals distant to, and signals at each end of the Douglas City siding to help speed the operation of trains meeting here. This same type of operation was added a few places on the L&N side for the Sunset Limited and its meets. Don't quite know how it works because I am not qualified over that territory. Usually your switch key is involved to activate some of the switches for meets. The dark operation is now called DTC(Direct Traffic Control).

-- William Billy (, June 19, 2002.

im almost 100% sure it was dark territory (no signals)

-- troy nolen (, June 19, 2002.

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