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Hello, I'm an Italian student. I hope not to bother anyone, but I'm trying to find some information about a particular aspect of ontology and its use. I'm looking for works about the use of agent's ontology to interact with them. I'm wondering if, given an agent, its ontology and its communication mechanism, it's possible to built another agent that can successfully communicate with that agent. Of course, the ontology of the target should be non known a priori and must be a paramater for the builded agent. With successfully I mean sintactically and semantically correct. For example, suppose that an agent that retrieve a list of restaurant exists. I would like to build another agent that locates this agent, asks for its ontology, understands which service it provides and finally creates a correct message to retrieve the list of restaurant. Do you konw any work or project about this topic or do you have any idea about keyword to use for a search in this field? Thanks in advance for your willingness.

Riccardo Serafin.

-- Riccardo Serafin (barakka@libero.it), June 19, 2002

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