Otis Gamma 160 controller

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I have an incomplete set of diagrams on site( surprise surprise ! ), and i would appreciate some help.

Intermittently, the speed relays, + do, dc, and others, are chattering very quickly and appear to have the correct voltage being applied. They seem to be suffering from a vibrating return through the printed circuits.At floor level this merely prevents the unit from departing. However, during travel this causes crash stopping.

This page of the diagram is the one I lack.

Could anyone help me please.



-- mark tobin (mark@tudeley.freeserve.co.uk), June 19, 2002


change the power supply relays

It's common on a gamma. The power supply has 2 or 3 relays in it. Change those and let me know. I might have a print somewhere.

-- Joe Kline (whobwho@yahoo.com), June 19, 2002.

Gamma 160 responce to suggestion and results


Thanks for the reply.The power supply on this controller is comprised of enclosed solid state components and has no relays to speak of.It is a gamma 160 if this is any help.

Since I posted the message I found that someone had been interfering with the adjustments on the potentiometers on the drive board, causing the curve to be inadequate on slowdown and intermittently operate x4 and y4 fault indication devices. I confirmed this by transferring the board to another unit in the triplex and seeing the fault transfer. I then adjusted the acceleration, deceleration and distances to a level which seemed to be correct. Since then the fault has not recurred.


Mark Tobin

-- mark tobin (mark@tudeley.freeserve.co.uk), July 02, 2002.

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