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When I used to go down to Florida every year I always saw the Seabaord Coast Line go through Eustis, Florida past the dock area and the Lake Shore Acres Motel is where I used to stay. When I heard the horns of the locomotive, I knew the train was coming down the tracks with a pretty good load. At the end of the train I always saw the caboose. The cabooses were always orange with black lettering and I always remember waving to the conductor or maybe the brakesman who were riding in the caboose. I would like to know if anyone has any slides, postcards or photos of these cabooses in their collection memrobilia.

-- Bradford Paulson (, June 18, 2002


You may want to try the following URL to take you to some fine Caboose photos: // also: //

-- Walt Rogers (, September 04, 2002.

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