A source for inflatable boat rollers?

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Im using 4" PVC pipe now to roll my boat up the beach assisted by a winch but its a little rough on the hull. anyone know of a source for inflatable boat rollers? Boat is a 300 pound Shock surf dory.

-- harris (hg@myhost.com), June 18, 2002


http://praktek.com/mcart/index.cgi?code=3&cat=8 found what I was looking for, works awesome.

-- Harris (hg@myhost.com), July 21, 2002.

Western Marine in Ireland has them listed on their web site. The address is www.western-marine.com or search inflatable boat rollers with Google, no other search program seems to pull them up. They list 2 sizes, a 500kg and a 1000kg cap. No prices are listed and they have not answered 3 e-mails from me. I was just about to phone them when I saw your inquiry. I can find NO one in the US who markets them. As a substitute I think wooden fence post work better as they don't crush, slip or shoot out from under when you hit the smallest obstacle.

-- David Ursin (acamck@juno.com), September 21, 2002.

You might try Demaree Inflatable Boats in Friendsville Maryland, USA. Not sure what diameter they can supply, but am pretty sure they have these either as rollers or thwarts.

-- Gaylord Staveley (gls@canyoneers.com), March 05, 2003.

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