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How did Edgar Allan Poe's parents die?

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002


The conditions of the individual deaths of Poe's parents is only certain for his mother. She died in 1811 of tuberculosis, or as it was perhaps better known, the red death. Speculation and conjecture lends what we may know of the death of his father, as he had left Boston after the death of Elizabeth (Poe's mother). It is soundly agreed that he did however die with a few weeks of having left, and most securely hold belief that he died in 1811 as well. As a child Edgar would tell that his parents were both killed in a fire during a stage performance (both his parents were stage actors), but such fanciful tales were often the delight of the young Edgar. I hope this may lend you some help, but should you require more, there are several sites that present a biography of Poe and it is no incovenience for me to respond to another inquiry.

All Respects and Regards,

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002

If u need any more information on Edgar Allan Poe these sights might help:

Your sight was a great help in my report. I didn't copy any of your words, but in my bibliography I put your sight down.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2003

Your site helped me so much! I had to write a report and I didn't use and of your words, but I wrote your name in my biography/poem report! Thanks again!!! kat

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2005

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