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After completing a 200 mile ride yesterday, I noticed that a 1 inch strip down the middle of the rear tire was worn down to the steel wire. I have 4000 miles on my bike. Since this is my first street bike, I have some questions about the tires:

1) How many miles should I expect to get out of the tires? 2) What air pressure do most people run? 3) Can I change the tire myself, or does a dealer need to do it? 4) Does a new tire need to balanced?



-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@cswnet.com), June 16, 2002


If you've done a lot of straight line touring, this isn't excessive wear.......sportsbike tires are designed to work to the edge as well as in the middle......take a look at a Michelin Pilot.....the profile is like a "v".....for large amounts of grip when the bike is on its side...... With a tire like this, when riding upright, there's not much rubber on the road, which would probably explain your quick wear in the middle.

-- Pete Hughes (hueyhuey@ozemail.com.au), June 17, 2002.

1. Depends on the tire. The Dragon Evo Corsas are probably only good for 3000 or so, maybe 2500. They are race compound tires, so you can't expect too much life. It's the way things are going. Sport tires just don't last too long. If you want more miles, be prepared to give up a LOT of grip.

2. Depends. The factory has a recommended setting printed right on the sidewall. If you want to not mess with it, run that. This pressure is usually far too high for optimum traction in sport riding. But if you are doing the straight up and down thing, it's fine. I normally run mine at about 36 for long distance riding, 34 for some sport riding. and 32 or even 30 for hardcore cornering (which I haven't had the chance to do much of lately).

3. Nope. Special stands are needed to get the front wheel off.

4. Yep

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), June 17, 2002.

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