Disgraceful, disgusting. Democrat Congressman pisses in a cup in airliner cabin.

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No pork for pissers!

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 15, 2002


Incident under investigation by Ted Rall. Cartoon possible.

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 15, 2002.

It's not just Democrats. Our Republican Lieutenant Governer, Steve Windom, peed in a pop bottle during a long session of the legislature, rather than leave the session to use the bathroom.

-- Stephen (smpoole7@bellsouth.net), June 15, 2002.

In a pop bottle??


What a needle dick!

Thanks for being honest Poole, it took courage to admit that. :)

-- LOL (Repug @ Lieutenant. Pindick), June 15, 2002.

It takes superior coordination to piss in a pop bottle. Any klutz can piss in a cup.

-- (Bertram Farquardt, MD Urology @ Cleveland Cinic.of Pissology), June 15, 2002.

Boy howdy, these guys are both a cupple uh sissies! They'd never git accepted intuh my fraternity. Where I cum from real men piss on the floor. The only time I piss in a cup is when I visit the doctor.

One time on Air Force One I didunt feel like walkin to the latrine, so when Cheney got up to get another donut I pissed all over his seat. Boy oh boy, evruhbuddy on board wus laffin their asses off when they saw him git that snarl on his mouth and his face turn beet red when he sat down!!

There wudn't nuthin he could do bout it neither, cuz I's da prezdint, and he's only my vice prezdint!! Yeeehaaaw! Chuckle-chuckle, snort-snort, yuk-yuk-yuk!

-- Dumbya (I'm @ real. cowboy!), June 15, 2002.

I happen to believe this Congressman, when he says he didn't expose himself to anyone's gaze. Not like the utterly disgusting Bill Clinton, who'd probably use the occasion to troll for babes.

-- Mr. Laffs (ho@ho.ho), June 15, 2002.

We all have our emergencies. A prudent gentleman prepares for all possible eventualities. Surely a restroom-in-use in an airliner is not unlikely. The Congressman or his handlers should have anticipated this situation.

The rational thing, Congressman, would have been to wear absorbent undies whilst traveling in confined quarters such as an airliner. Your failure to prepare for this contingency calls to question your capacity to lead. I am instituting an immediate recall.

You shame all Democrats

-- (Jimmy Carter @ peanut fields.forever), June 15, 2002.

McCash said Bishop had drunk a large amount of coffee, the flight had been delayed, and by the time the half-hour in the air was up, long lines for the bathroom formed at either end of the plane.


Java Jive

I love coffee, I love tea,

I love the Java Jive and it loves me Coffee and tea and the java and me,

A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!

-- (ink spots@java.jive), June 16, 2002.

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