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I know the N&W Handbook from Wallace & Wiley has several errors in it. Is the SOU Handbook completely accurate? If errors exist, is there a source, such as a magazine or website, that corrects them?

-- Marty Flick (, June 14, 2002


Enjoy the pictures, but the errors are so numerous and grievious, I would not trust any caption unless I had a corroborating, independent source. If you don't believe me, enjoy the pictures of the Northern Pacific Mallets on page 16. I particularly like the picture on page 32 of Ps4 no. 6475 allegedly pushing a freight up Saluda. It was really Erlanger Hill south of Cincinnati. Many captions were literally pulled out of the air. I don't know of a list of errors that has been published, but a friend of mine compiled several pages worth when the book first came out.

-- Jack Wyatt (, June 14, 2002.

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