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Hi! I've been doing family genealogy for a couple of years now and have found that my grandfather Floyd G. Harris was killed in a car-train crash about 3 miles South of Raleigh, NC, near Garner, NC, on July 12, 1934. I would like to see the accident report of the Southern Railway company to hopefully locate the RR crossing where it occurred. By the News and Observer account it was very near the farm that my grandfather operated. Any suggestions as to where I would go to find such records??

Thanks! Bill Harris New Bern, NC

-- William L. Harris (, June 14, 2002



I worked in the Southern Railway division office in Greensboro, NC for twenty-ones years. There would be no report left of the accident of your grandfather. I saved the index books, and the entry reads "1934, File No. 115, July 12, Garner, N. C., Train No. 18 [Eastbound Passenger, due Garner at 9:25 AM, according to Timetable dated 2-1- 1935], Date of Final Report, July 24, Auto Accident Fatal Injury, Model T 1926 Ford coupe ran on crossing and the driver and owner did not get out, F. G. Harris." No specific location was given. I hope this helps you in your family history.

-- J. Marvin Black (, August 18, 2002.

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