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Tifton was a major railroad town for several major and minor railroads including the GS&F. Can anyone elaborate on the different ones and name them all? The Union depot that is located downtown..did the GS&F use this also? I know that the Southern built their new one in 1943 in similitude to the Warner Robins Depot (same design). Thanks.

-- Mark S. Mosely (mosegsf@cox.net), June 14, 2002


There were several railroads serving Tifton at one time or another. They included the Tifton, Thomasville & Gulf, the Tifton & Northeastern (both of which became part of the AB&A/AB&C/ACL, etc.) and the Tifton Terminal, a collection of lumber roads that also had common carrier status. This one was abandoned around 1921 or so. The GS&F was the largest carrier to serve the town until the T&NE and the TT&G were combined with others to form the Atlantic & Birmingham (later AB&A) in 1903.

There may have been other roads serving the town at one time or another, but these come to mind.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (RHanson669@aol.com), September 03, 2002.

I'd add the Brunswick and Albany, a relatively early railroad in south Georgia that was subsequently merged into the Savannah, Florida and Western and Atlantic Coast Line.

-- David Bearse (dbearse@mindspring.com), September 27, 2002.

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