Different compost teas worl against different diseases!

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Came across this site and seems that it might be a good reference for the compost tea idea you said you were working on.

Compost Teas for Plant Disease Control, http://www.attra.org/attra-pub/comptea.html

A selection of research from Germany, Japan, Israel, and the United States has shown compost extracts to be effective in the control of the following diseases (1):

Late blight of potato, tomatoPhytopthora infestans----Horse compost extractWeltzein (1990)

Gray mold on beans, strawberriesBotrytis cinerea----Cattle compost extractWeltzein (1990)

Fusarium wiltFusarium oxysporum----Bark-compost extractKai, et al (1990)

Downy & Powdery mildew-grapesPlasmopara viticola Uncinula necator----Animal manure-straw compost extractWeltzein (1989)

Powdery mildew on cucumbersSphaerotheca fuliginea----Animal manure-straw compost extractWeltzein (1989)

Gray mold on tomato, pepper----Cattle & chicken manure compost extractGrape marc compost extract Elad, Shtienberg (1994)

Apple scabVenturia conidia----Spent mushroom compost extractCronin, Andrews (1996)

-- BC (desertdweller44@yahoo.com), June 13, 2002

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