M&B - Potato Creek

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After the abandonment of the M&B in 1926, the CofGA began using their 9.5 segment from Thomaston to Crest to serve a fruit/package company and other small industries. The CofGA had to upgrade that portion of the line which includes the infamous Potato Creek Bridge. When the ICC inspected the line in 1921, the report indicated that large portions of the M&B trestles and roadbed ties were unfit and needed to be replaced. The question here is, did they replace the Potato Creek Bridge with the steel spans from the Flint River Bridge? There has been speculation that they did. However, after a recent examination of the area, I find that the bridge itself must have been massive and at least 80-100 feet high? ANyone care to speculate on this? ANyone have a photo of this bridge in question? According to the 1915 M&B maps, it shows that the original bridge was on a slight curve and it was a trestle. It does not indicate if it was wood or steel. I assume that it was wooden. Again, it must have been massive!!! Thanks M&B fans....

-- Mark Mosely (mosegsf@cox.net), June 13, 2002

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