OTIS 411 S.P.P.T.

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On the S.P.P.T. on the 411 there are 3 l.e.d. lights....the red one blinks when the battery is charging....its off when the battery is charged....I have one that is on all the time...I read that this means the battery is bad...I put a new battery in and the light is still on all the time....what could be the problem???

-- Ray Pierce (ou81299@aol.com), June 13, 2002


Generally, when the red LED is on constantly that indicates the battery is faulty, however it depends on how you change the battery if you changed it with the lift still on then the light will stay on still, try turning off the lift then disconnect the battery, reconnect it again, then power up the lift and the SPPT should reinitialize (the red led may blink for a period of time then go to off) By the way if you are not working for OTIS how do you communicate with the MCSS DCSS and DBSS boards in indirect mode, I can communicate with them all through the RCB but not directly to them

-- Ray (rayzo@iinet.net.au), February 15, 2003.

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