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What kind of goat is your favorite breed and why?

-- snow white (gawmonk@misn.com), June 13, 2002


My first goats were pygmys. A birthday present. They were adoreable, but they were right handy at staying in trouble with me as I did't have a fence that would contain them.

Then I got some Nubians. I wanted to milk - - and I loved the "look" of those long ears, and I always liked their "noisiness". Very vocal.

Well, with a Pygmy buck and some Nubian does, the natural course of events led to KINDER goats. My all around favorite. Dual purpose goats. Meat and milk - - ( but I've never eaten goat meat). They give considerable milk for their size, are notorius for multiple births of 4 sometimes 5, and there are a couple of documented births of 6. KINDERS are nice goats. I ended up having to disperse my entire herd a couple years ago, and I'm just getting started again.

-- Granny Hen (cluckin along@cs.com), June 13, 2002.

Hi Snow,

I'd have to say I don't have a "favorite", per say. To me it really depends on what your intended use would be. Do you want a goat for milk, fiber, meat, dual purpose, brush clearing, companion animal, etc., etc.? Which breed would be right for you? Even if you were choosing from the dairy breeds alone, your personal expectations come into play. Running the gambit from size, milk content, facilities, even visual preference.

Whatcha lookin' for?

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow@aol.com), June 14, 2002.

I adore my Nubian girls Coco and Marigold. I like their racket and the way the bound around the field, ears flapping in the breeze.

-- Alison in NS (aproteau@istar.ca), June 16, 2002.

I guess you'd have to put me down as an Alpine person. I've had Saanens and Nubians in the past, but Alpines seem to be my favorite....so far!!

-- Marcia (HrMr@webtv.net), June 16, 2002.

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