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Hi, this is kinda a little poll that I'm doing to find out which ACL era I should do for my layout. So if you would just email me which era you like the most from the ACL and why. Thanks!

-- Jason Castine (, June 12, 2002


My choice would be the "transition" era, 1940s to mid 1950s. Lots of diesels but also some steam still on the rails.

-- Merrill Crissey (, June 17, 2002.

Jason, I have to agree with Ted,that is my favorite era as well.

-- V.L.Lewis (, June 14, 2002.

I like to model the things that i remember seeing which mean the most to me, and I think maybe a lot of railroaders do that. I was a child in the 50's and vaguely remember the huge, beautiful, (and nice sounding M5 airhorns) purple and silver E and F units which came through less than a mile from my home. Then i remember in the first grade seeing gradually they appeared in black and gold and I remember those better, through grammar school years. So I would model with fond memories from about 1953-54 to 1967. Also there were many "accessories" around (whistle posts, train order semaphores, REA carts, line pole combineations, depots, etc. etc. not to mention passenger consists which make the time irressistable for me. Each class one could be identified much better than today and had their own "personality."

-- Capers Bull (, June 13, 2002.

Easy...whatever era YOU like the best...

My personal favorite is 1956-1970....ACL Purple, Black and SCL split image all on the same layout.....although wouldn't have ACL Purple with the split image purple was long gone by the 60's.....

But whatever makes you the happiest!!!!

-- Ted Strickland (, June 13, 2002.

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