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Can anyone give me the cost of the RG3 Pipe and chip upgrade? I assaume that's the Senna setup? Include installation if possible. I'm currently running a stock 2002 F4S 1+1. What's the sound and power band characteristic differences?

-- Larry Nipon (vze277jp@verizon.net), June 12, 2002



I heard they are hard to get now. My ridding partner just got some recently still new in box and paid just a little of $2,000.00 for them not installed! They look great though, a little different color on the end tips, kind of a lighter brown like the Serio Oro Exhausts, not so dark brown as the stock ARROW pipes. He may be interested in selling them for $1950.00. They are new in box, He just wrecked is MV last week during track days! I asked what he would do with the pipes now if the bike is out of commisson, He is thinking about selling them to pay for spare parts to fix his bike. I am pretty sure he is asking $1950.00 for them. Could be a good pick up for the scarcity of the pipes. Email me if your interested, and I can get you the info to contact him.

Thanks, Jeff

-- Jeff Stance (eprinomectin@yahoo.com), June 13, 2002.

I recently ordered and installed the RG3 cans along with full manifolds (before US shipments from MVAgusta-sp were switched to Ferracci). I paid just under $1900 including all shipping costs.

The power difference is not substantial by any means. The bike seems to pull harder at mid-high rpms, and the power doesn't drop off quite as early as before.

The sound is great, but again not anything near a japanese bike with a pipe. While riding, I notice more engine screaming and less of the aircraft intake noise we've all grown to love.

I don't know if you're in the US or not, but the price of the RG3 cans and chip (without full manifolds) should be around $1550.

-- Mark Westlake (mwestlake@powerway.com), June 14, 2002.

Hi, I have bought RG3 + eprom for my 2001 1+1 Mv F4. The factory told me that the gain is about 3 hp, so I reached 130. Is is less smoother than original pipes and it has now some leacks at low rpm, but apparently goes faster because the rev limiter has been re-set. I really couldn't test the original pipes because I hanged them immediately (at 1000 km./ 600 miles). Bye Carlo

-- carlo (carlom@silverseacruises.com), July 03, 2002.

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