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All, I am new to the MV F4 scene. I am in Holland and have found a dealer that has six F4's. One red and silver, one serie oro, one senna, a special parts (beautifull bike!), one black and a black SPR demo. My question is this. I just sold my GSXR and am going to purchase my first F4. I am undecided about the black F4 or the SPR demo. What I mean when I say demo is this. This is a bike that Augusta built to show all of Europe what is coming next year. It's not a real SPR but it has all the badging and looks very nice. According to the owner of the dealership this is the only one like this in Europe and there was one that went to the states. Would you buy the black F4 or the SPR demo. This bike will be going back to the states in a year or so and I know production and release of the SPR to the states will be limited. What do you all think. Thanks in advance for all the input.


-- Scott Armstrong (, June 12, 2002


Are you buying the F4 for riding or displaying in a collection?

If you are going on the road, you will want the most current version of the F4. What year are both bikes? Why not get on the SPR waiting list in the US? Aren't prices in Holland much higher than the US?

If its for a collection, you will want the rarest F4. The SPR badged F4, if documented by MV Agusta Italy and not just the dealer, sounds very rare. But what is underneath the badges?

-- mod (, June 12, 2002.

Prices are higher in Holland but that because they charge 19% tax on everything. Being an American I am exempt from the tax. The bike with the SPR badging is not a true SPR. It's the same as every other F4 but it has all the SPR stickers and insets in the tripple clamp and wind screen. Plus this bike has black rims where as the Americn version has silver at least from what I've seen. From what I was told this bike was the European demo for 2002 showing of the SPR so all could see what was coming. The bike will be a daily driver. Not in a collection but it will have very low miles and be very well taken care of. Both bikes are 2002s. The owner tells me the all black F4 is very rare. He said only three are in Holland. I'm not sure how many b;ack ones went to the states. Thanks for your reply and any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

-- scott armstrong (, June 12, 2002.

See, here's my take. You couldn't pay me to ride a flat black bike. But I realize this is subjective and not really relevant to this discussion (or maybe it is?).

So back to the issue. What are you trying to accomplish with this bike? You just said it would be a driver. In order to get any value at all out of that "special" bike, it would have to have special documents that accompany it from the manufacturer, or some kind of story to go along with it that is easily corroborated with some kind of factual evidence. Without that, the "speciality" of the bike is worthless, and the dealer knows this.

Now, back to the issue once again. What are you trying to accomplish with this bike? If you want to ride, fine. If you want to make an investement in something a little more "special" than the rest, you will likely kill a significant portion of whatever the extra value of it is by riding it (or possibly not, but nobody can read the future). If you don't care about this and can stomach a flat black bike, go for it. Collectors will puke, but that's their own problem for not buying it before you.

I say forget all that nonsense and just buy the one that you want to RIDE. For me this would be the red/silver one or the silver one. If I wanted to collect these things, I'd buy a Senna. Or I'd possibly consider something like the one you are talking about. But I don't. I ride bikes, not collect them. If I had a ton of cash, I'd probably do both, but I don't have a ton of cash (yet).

-- Andy Ruhl (, June 12, 2002.

Scott could you mention where this dealer is in holland as i like to make some pictures from that special parts bike!

-- hb (, June 24, 2002.

The dealer I got my bike from is in Arkel. It's off of the A15 on you way to roterdam. It's very easy to find. I can't wait. I pick up the bike tomorrow. I've done a lot of checking and I cn't find anyone with a SPR. I think this may be the only one in Holland. The name of the dealer is Piet Kruis. He has four more Agustas in stock. A special parts number 50 of 50. An Oro and two F4's.

-- Scott Armstrong (, June 24, 2002.

I have been making pictures at this shop of the SP. He told me he refused an offer of Fl 92000,- Euro 43000!!!!! He told also that a few days ago someone dropped his new black MV outside the door with no km's driven yet, because he forgot the sitestand while having more attention for his dog! Hope it is not you!!

-- hb (, June 29, 2002.

No, it wasn't me. Thank God!!! I know who it was. He showed me the bike after he picked it up. He got very lucky! Some small scratches but no cracks. I can't believe he dropped it. He told me that and I was in shock. I picked up my SPR last week. I love the bike. I have to get use to the throttle. It's very picky in first gear at low speeds. It reminds me of my GSXR with the fuel injection. I guess it will just take some getting use too. The bike is so much fun to ride. It turns great. You don't even have to think about it. I just can't wait till it's broke in so I can get the RPMs up a bit. What do you think of the Special Parts bike? It's Awesome. I love the colors. I like the black but I think it's the ugliest of all of them. I talked to a bunch of dealers in the States and they can't get black so I thought I would be different. I can't complain.

-- Scott Armstrong (, July 01, 2002.

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