Bunion Sugery

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A Podiatrist (seems very professional) is recommending that I have two bunions removed from each foot (one foot at a time) and have a bone cut,moved-in and pinned on the right foot. My question is weather this is a good idea,worth the trouble (pain) and recovery time, etc. I am a wedding photographer and need to be quick on my feet - I am waiting unitl the winter now because of concerns about recovery time. Any experiences that can be shared would be helpful. Thank You. Peter

-- peter bosco (peterboscoprivate@attbi.com), June 11, 2002


Some tips on healing quicker : Zinc picolinate , keeps infections in check and has been proven to promote quicker healing even by conventional medicine. Organicly grown greens ,increases oxegen in the blood stream ,these 2 I have seen the results personaly. What a friend told me that work on a multible arm fracture from a hang gliding accident, Comfrey leaves moistened in warm water and wrapped around the bone.He actually talked the doctor into setting his arm with comfrey leaves wrapped around it and put the cast over his arm with the comfrey leaves inside the cast.The doctor thought he was crazy until he saw the results,he healed in half the time that the doctor said it would take.I'd think that high protien diet before and after surgery would be helpful also.Since it's a bone calcium supplements could help. Heal well.

-- SM Steve (Unreal@msn.com), June 13, 2002.

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