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As I have said before I am a single parent on normal benefits, no savings being persuid by Evers/Nationwide. I have no spare income.

I have received, in response to request for valuation, two "best price certificates". These, at first look like two independant valuations, (one from an estate agent, another from a Surveyors company)- but looking at the two companies they are both part of Countrywide Assured plc Would this mean that they are not independant? I have requested two further valuations. These are apparently "confidential" between client and valuer.

Also I have received a mortgage deed (page 1) which has not been countersigned by Nationwide - do they have to provide a full deed?

Could someone also explain the notification letters required, as Evers are enquiring as to what I am seeking.

Thankyou for any replies, they help to relieve the worries


-- Marne Small (, June 11, 2002


Have you served a SARN on the lender as advised under the repossession section? As to the valuations it depends on one's notion of independent. One way to cross check would be to ask truly independent agents selling in the same area if they sold similar properties to yours at the same time and for how much?

-- Gordon Bennet (, June 11, 2002.

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