Heavyweight Tail Cars

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I'm looking for information of the tail cars and/or observation cars used on SAL's heavyweight passenger trains such as the Orange Blossom Special. I need the information for a modeling project, so the more detailed information the better. Does anyone have any photos or information, or can you direct me to a website where I can find photos? Thanks in advance for all your help!

John Golden

-- John Golden (Golden1014@yahoo.com), June 10, 2002


The particular cars I have been researching were solarium type cars with enclosed ends. As an example, the "Mountain" and "Mt." series cars had 10 sections and a lounge, but did not have any buffet or bar facilities. FEC owned two such cars-Mountain Queen and Mountain Side, and L&N had several, three of which were converted into full lounge cars, while one, the Mt. Theilsen, became the L&N's "Friendly Service car" #375 and was later converted into a regular business car.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak@mnr.org), June 14, 2002.

Hey, Mike....were these open platform or solarium type cars (Like plan 3985)?

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), June 14, 2002.

I might be able to help here. Just so happens that I am working on a future Lines South article and have some data on the 10 section lounge observations in the Mount/Mountain series. Contact me with the names and Pullman plan numbers and I will see if I have the information. If so, I will send to you.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak@mnr.org), June 13, 2002.


They used 10sec-lounge cars - I've got names and plan numbers, but haven't been able to find a plan or layout. Even talked to Don Valentine about it and he was unable to help. If you get some good pictures or data, let me know, too.


-- Paul Bizier (pbizier@prodigy.net), June 12, 2002.

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