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I have a two part question. First, can anyone answer if the Seaboard Air Line ever had Railway Express Agency (REA) cars with their name as did the ACL? I recently purchased a REA model car (HO) from Walters with Atlantic Cost Line's name and thus prompted the question.

Secondly, does any have a copy of the book, Railway Express Agency, An Overview by V.S. Roseman they would be willing to sell?

-- Nelson Whitley (traintraveler27616@yahoo.com), June 10, 2002


Yes,SAL had REA cars with SEABOARD on them.They were wood and numbered in the 3600 series.

-- Joseph Oates (jlosal@mindspring.com), June 14, 2002.

Nelson, The Walthers HO scale REA cars are not correct for the coast line,these were the later cars that was built for REA.The correct version will be coming from Branchline Trains very soon.I bought all 3 numbers from Walthers,just because of the outstanding paint job that was done on them.

-- V.L.Lewis (TrkInsp5F33@aol.com), June 11, 2002.

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