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The good news is, the Rangers finally played the Braves in interleague play. That means I got to watch all three games on TV, and actually SEE them. Otherwise, maybe once every other year they show up on ESPN's "Yankee game of national interest."

The bad news is, they lost all three games badly, sinking ever deeper into last place. Wait till next year.

-- Flint (, June 10, 2002


Flint, your real baseball fan living in the South, mindful of sacred tradition, would be rooting for the Cards, like in the 50s.

Have I ever mentioned the fact that Elvis was a Cardinal fan? Well, it's true, confirmed by the Sporting News. No surprise there at all.

-- Peter Errington (, June 10, 2002.

Dumped the cable for Direct TV and now get regular Angel games. Actually been watching 'em since they've gotten their head out. Read yesterday the Ranger owner is looking at a A-Rod based rebuild that shoots for 2004. Not long for sufferers like you & me.

Anyone figured out Direct's new 700 coding? Damned Hot Card got zapped 30 minutes before the Lewis-Tyson fight!!

-- Carlos (, June 11, 2002.

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