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i have just bought an old polaroid camera .... a simple plastic thing from the eighties. i was hoping i would be able to do image transfers, but have been reading on the internet and am getting the impression that the film my camera takes is not suitable for image transfers. the film is: 80-series land pack film .... type 88 in particular. it's peel-apart but i haven't seen it mentioned anywhere as suitable for transfers. newer versions of this film seem to be polaroid VIVA, and polacolor 88. does anyone know if these films can be used for image transfers?????? if no one knows i guess i'll just have to try it out....

-- pavle dooks (, June 10, 2002


The film for transfers are the pack film 669,59 (4x5), and also 559, 809, -- the first two 669 and the 59 are the recommended films. You cannot use integral film such as spectra, it must be a peel apart with a negative.

-- Darleene Finley (, June 17, 2002.

I too, just bought a square shooter 2 and type 88 film! Hoping to do image transfers, I have experimented and it seems you can peel the negative off and transfer it onto watercolor paper... but it comes out very dark. I have not tried it with a flash yet.

ar ...

-- ari (, December 02, 2002.

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