Were there floral gardens at the roundhouse complex in Savannah?

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I am looking for any information regarding the "gardens" that were at the roundhouse in Savannah. This area needs to be cleaned up and replanted, but I am looking for any information regarding these gardens before I begin any work. Please send me your thoughts via my email address.

-- Vicky Justen (puppysparents@aol.com), June 09, 2002


Yes, there was a garden at the Savannah Roundhouse. Dr. Anne Yentche from Armstrong State College , a professor and an archaeologist, had her Landscape Arch. students dig the site in the mid 90's. I was taking that class. Catherine Clarke, a student,was doing her thesis on this. Many railroads had gardens and it was quite the competitive thing to have these. We uncovered a round fish pond that had a centerpiece, as well as brick lined walks.It was hot and tedious work. If there are any pictures of the gardens you might find them at the Ga Historical Society on Whitaker and Gaston Streets. I think Catherine is listed in the phone book. Last Spring a group from the Master Gardeners(myself included) did a major overhaul...plus planted a pizza garden for the Savannah Garden Expo. Nancy Hartmann and I organized the Children's Exhibit. This is where it was held. There are two wonderful roses on the wall. Lady Banks' and a whilte old fashion one. There are two round areas we dug and mulched and covered with pinestraw. There is only one water source, a spigot, and you have to bring your hoses, sprinklers, and tools.I tried to get the staff to purchase some picket fencing to cover the drain field(no luck).You wll have to go by there weekly to water and keep it up. There are several laborers who helped us trememdously...check out to see if there will be someone to check on this. It was beautiful last Spring, but alas, without irrigation and upkeep it...Several daylilies, cannas, and daffodils were in there at odd spots..perhaps olld ones. Helen Marshall

-- Helen Marshall (Heheimar@MSN.com), October 06, 2002.

Vicky, I worked at the storeroom near the roundhouse in 1963 and I don't remember any "Gardens" there.

-- Joseph C. Puder, III (pudele@juno.com), October 06, 2002.

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