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Can you give me some help with a few chords, more especially the notes that compose them or maybe just the formation models(if i spell something wrong im sorry, i dont know the english notation names) C# and a slashed ball like a zero
G# with the same slashed ball(i think they are like diminished chords mixed up with 7 chords)
thw sevenths F#7, C#7, B7, Em7, A7, F#m7 and D7
The last, a G with a ball but not slashed in the middle(i think its called diminished)

-- Victor (, June 08, 2002


Hello, the "ball slashed" is called Half Diminished and the "ball" is Diminished. If you know how to transpose all these chords will be easy. In a C chord it is built up of C E and G. So C# is C#, F and G#. A Diminished chord is minor with flat 5th but 1/2 diminished is flat 5 but maj.3rd. So a C#%(%im using for 1/2 diminished)is C#,E, and G. Diminished and 1/2 do not include 7ths unless is says but in theory if it doesnt say C#%7 and says C#% you can play the Maj7 to fill out the chord. Only when it says b7 or 7 you can play a lowered 7(not including 9, 11, or 13 chords) if you need more help please visit my site. l?1100201747968 i will have the address shorter soon

-- Brian (, November 11, 2004.

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