X-ray film in a regular camera

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I'm just wondering if anyone has tried putting X-ray film through a conventional camera and what results they've obtained. I'm going to have some film cut (from 8x10 sheets) and loaded into 4x5 holders, then processed (as regular X-ray film), but all I know about the film is that it's sensitive to daylight (but not red light) and "you can see it fog when you open it in daylight." Should be an interesting experiment, in any case... Thoughts?

-- Steven Lawrance (steven@sia.net.au), June 08, 2002


X-Ray film has a heavier base and emulsion on both sides so the focus will be a little soft. You will have a lot of latitude. I put some in a Kodak post card camera once and was quite pleased with the results. It may be a good idea to back up the film with black to keep light from scattering back from the casette.


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