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Greetings fellow monochromists! I posted three new Pan F+/Rodinal photos at: Comments welcome. -Ollie

-- Ollie Steiner (, June 06, 2002


Greetings Ollie. Wonderful photos!! I am a big fan of Rodinal and these photos of yours just make me feel good! cheers and thank you! Ken

-- Kenneth Bruno (, June 08, 2002.

Ken, Many thanks! I like to think of Rodinal with slow film as a triumph of old technology over new! I believe there's a tendency nowadays for people to regard every new development as obsoleting its predecessors.-First there were fine-grain developers, but they turned out not to be an unmixed blessing, because lower accutance came along with the fine grain. Then there were the T-grain films, which score high on line pairs per inch tests, but lose the etched quality of the old films. Some who try Rodinal, but aren't as enthused as we, are likely pairing it it with a fast, and possibly T-grain, film. The other day I was looking at a photo of the violinist Joseph Joachim as a young man. It's a beautiful image, sharp as a tack but with a soft feeling to the lighting. Few portraits one sees today are comparably fine photographs. Then it dawned on me: Joseph Joachim was a contemporary of Brahms! That photo was taken well before 1895! Maybe Rodinal was the developer!

-- Ollie Steiner (, June 08, 2002.

I re-scanned the clouds photo, and I think the grain is less evident in this new scan. I also added one more Pan F+/Rodinal photo on the web site.

-- Ollie Steiner (, June 08, 2002.

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