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Birmingham Midshires and their lapdogs Evers***s, have sent me a few letter alleging a mortgage shortfall, I have defended myself vigrously using information from this site to such an extent that I have had no communication from them for over three months (6/3/02) indeed my last communication to Evers***s advised them that unless they provided the 14 documents that I had asked for 13 times any further communications WITHOUT providing this information from them would result in me sueing them for harassment and potential fraud.

However having reviewed the case with the help of SARN's I now believe that my whole case was dealt with incorrectly and I shouldnt have been reposessed at all due to the fact that I never received any documentation regarding the reposession as I had already left the flat. My questions are 1. How long does a suspended reposession order last ? In my case it was issued in November 1994, and used ? in Jan 1997 2. If the building society acted illegally to take possession can I sue them ?

In addition, if I agree to just let the case drop how should I go about drafting a letter to Evers**ts requesting a letter stating that no further action will be taken against me for the recovery of any sum of money, either now or in the future

Any Help gratefully received.



-- John (sharky_john@hotmail.com), June 06, 2002

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