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Two years ago I saw lots of fiberglass animals (i.e., cows in Chicago, pigs in Cincinnati, moose in Toronto) on sthe streets in these and other cities after having read an article in USA Today. I am trying to find out where I should go to look to see if there are similar art (other animals, of course) on city streets this year. Do you know where I would go to look? Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

-- Julie McGrath (, June 05, 2002


Seattle just recently had bigger than life fiberglass pigs on many street corners. Each had been decorated by a local artist. They were then auctioned off for a charitable cause.

I really enjoyed them! Looking forward to seeing them again next year. Hope this helps! P

-- Paul Ziakin (, June 19, 2002.

Washington, DC has 'party animals' (elephants and donkeys) around town. They are concrete, entertaining, but seem to be merely decorative as opposed to provocative political statements. My guess is that they are intended to be benign.

I'm interested in the question of WHY animals are appearing on city streets. What's your interest?

-- Laurie Fields (, July 27, 2002.

Eugene, OR has some big ducks (guess what the local university's football team mascot is...) around town. They're decorated somewhat according to location: one in front of the Hult (performing arts) center has on a tux, the one in front of the Wild Duck club has on casual wear, etc. Portland also has some animals hanging aroud a plaza, although I can't remember what kind.

Whimsy in the city, more more!

-- Willow Fox (, November 11, 2002.

Dear Julie, I can't tell you all the cities that have this kind of project going on but I can tell you a few that we have supplied animals to. In Rochester,NY this year there is a whole lot of different kinds of animals.....Bears, Lions, elephants, eagles, giraffes, gorillas, etc. it's called;'Animal Scramble' Another city is Portland, Maine where they've done ten foot high lighthouses. There's also Evansville, Indiana with six foot high fish. The object of the community art project is to create something that the whole community can rally around, have fun with, and then auction off the art. The money generated is incredible and goes to the charities that are designated at the beginning of each project. One example is the 'GuitarMania' that happened last year (2002) in Cleveland,OH. Ten foot guitars on display throughout the city during the summer and in the fall the auction. The money raised from book sales, auction,etc. is just over $2,000,000. so you see Julie there is a real benefit for these cities, and for all those involved, especially the charities. In Cleveland it was the United Way and several other local charities. In Buffalo it was the Cancer Institute. Call sometime and we will chat.

Thanks, Charlie

-- Charlie Spencer (308)468-6288 (, June 02, 2003.

Here's what I've compiled. Nothing official. Kathie

FIBERLGLASS ART BY CITY Albuquerque, N.M.- Horses Bloomington- Giant Corn Boston, MA Corn on the Curb Calvaras, CA- Frogs Chicago, Ill- Cows, Furniture Cincinnati, Ohio- Big Pig Gig Cleveland, Ohio- Guitars Coeur d'Alene -moose Detroit, Michigan- Cars Elk Grove, CA- Elk Eugene, OR- Ducks Evansville, Indiana- Fish Hermosa Beach, CA- Surfboards Grand Rapids, Michigan- Rabbits Kettering, Ohio- Cars Los Angeles- Angels Louisville, KY- Camel Maine- Bears Minnesota- SnowMN New Orleans- Fish New York, Cows Norfolk, VA- Mermaids Orlando, FL- Lizards Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Lions Portland, Maine- Lighthouses Raleigh, North Carolina- Red Wolf San Francisco- Hearts Salt Lake city- Buffalo San Jose, CA -Bulls- bull market, Sharks Seattle, WA- Pigs Sioux City- Newfoundland dogs cute- see Siouxland City??- Prairie Dogs Spokane- Coffee Mugs St. Louis- People St. Paul, Minnesota- Beagles, Snoopy Toledo, Ohio- Frogs Toronto- Moose Tucson, AZ, Horses Washington D.C. Party Animals- Donkeys, Elephants

-- Kathie Q (, August 13, 2004.

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