3rd Class Passengers

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I cant understand what life must have been like for the 3rd Class Passengers. Were they told to wait until other classes had boarded the lifeboats? What would the experience had been like for a middle-aged children's governess? It would be interesting to know how the 3rd class were treated.

-- steph jones (stephjones22@yhaoo.com), June 05, 2002


The third class was treated very poorly. I'm doing a report onit right now and have read how they were treated. When boarding the lifeboats, some third class passengers snuck on the lifeboats. But others that tried to get on, their story was different. Officers sometimes shot guns at them to mae the back away. I would have hated to be a third class passengers.

-6th grader, Candace Goers

-- Candace Goers (penguingirl@ameritech.ney), May 29, 2003.

i need info on karen marie abelseth a third class passenger. and also info on were about the third class cabins were and also carthpia (the boat that saved them not quite sure what it is called) send me info puhlease! ASAP!

-- jet (teegs_777@hotmail.com), February 11, 2004.

The ship that saved the survivors was called the Carpathia. Unfortunately is was a very small ship and there was little room for those who were pulled, literally, aboard. Basically, the dipiction in the Titanic movie was pretty acurate about that one fact.

-- Melissa wood (melissa@ifitraining.com), April 06, 2004.

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