We be's axin fo mo jack

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Black organizations are calling for a Millions For Reparations March, Protest, and Demonstration in Washington, D.C. on August 17, 2002.

Do the Italians have to pay for the Roman invasions of British Isles, of Germania, for the Diaspora of the Jews and other outcomes of being an Empire? Does Scandinavia have to pay Europe for the Viking invasions? Does Mongolia have to pay Europe and China for invasions by Ghengis Khan, Attila, etc? No, no and again no. Those examples prove that it's necessary to draw a line in time. We cannot reduce history to bureaucratic accounts and reparations should concern only the generation of sufferers and those responsible.

What we have here is yet another outlandish example of how a few smart niggers can talk a bunch of dumb niggers into digging yet a deeper hole for themselves. Of course, the left wing liberal politicians would suck these maggot’s dicks for a vote, so look for them to jump on the bandwagon.

Just like the last effort to get that many of those lazy motherfuckers to do something, this too will end up as a big belly laugh.

-- Over (my@dead.body), June 04, 2002



-- Fact (finders@r.us), June 04, 2002.

Hey "Over"--

The argument against "reparations" is compelling. Your racist language is unnecessary and offensive. Let the race-hustlers and poverty-pimps be the ones who shoot themselves in the foot-in-their-mouth.

-- (lars@indy.net), June 04, 2002.

My guess is this racist is a conservo-redneck, probably either "free head" or "send mo". They are both notorious assholes.

-- yep (gottabee@pig.pug), June 04, 2002.

Fool, you be de honkie mofo what says "niggas"

-- (boyz@de.hood), June 05, 2002.

Lars my old Hoosier friend, how are you doing these days? The forum seems to have taken on the personality of a Bush Beating Beast. That’s OK I guess but surely there are more important issues to digest.

This thread might be a good study in of itself. While the language posted by ‘over’ is strong and offensive to many, where is the outrage over this reparation movement?

People will take the time to vent over the use of a few words but stay silent on the real issue at hand.

An interesting study in human nature.

-- So (cr@t.es), June 05, 2002.

Typical response from the brain-dead masses. They will work themselves into a frenzy over the usage of a few words such as nigger, maggot, motherfucker, and liberal, but care less that they are once again being raped by the black extortionist community.

Hope you stupid assholes enjoy seeing your money go to these worthless scam artists.

-- Over (my@dead.body), June 05, 2002.

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