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I have seen some threads were this has been discussed earlier. Anyone have a good place to purchase a case of the AGIP 4T 10w60 Racing oil that our manual reccomends? I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you could include some prices I can expect to pay as well. I am not sure if Fast by Ferracci carries the AGIP or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Ryan Ramsey (, June 03, 2002


Agip oil 516-876-0318. I think I paid around $40 for a case of 12, including shipping to Florida.

-- Miguel Bartoli (, June 03, 2002.

Fast By Ferracci sells the 10-60 Agip Oil - it's not on their web site but they do have it. Massimo

-- Massimo Corse (, June 03, 2002.

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