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I need a new rubber seal/gasket for the basket of my Buon Caffe espresso machine, model number 330. Starbucks informed me that the manufacturer of this product, and their supplier, burned down and parts are not available. Does anyone know where I can order this seal?

-- s. chafai (, June 03, 2002


I'm having the same problem. I'd also like to know how to get one.

-- k. lang (, July 28, 2002.

I now have the exact smae problem. Starbucks had me call Crups and I finally got a service center address for Crups near me. If they have the correct gasket, I'll let you know. If either of you have gotten a replacement, please let me know.


-- Charlos Kaiden (, September 16, 2002.

anyone know where to get another manual for this machine?

-- dpost (, October 22, 2002.

I've just gotten home from a search for the same gasket. A local commercial machine repair person suggested we try a round o ring and not worry about the flat side, it might be better than nothing. The worst that can happen is it will leak the first time and we won't use it. Any new sources out there? Surely someone beside the manufacturer managed to have a surplus stashed, right?

-- Heidi Alford (, January 14, 2003.

Our company is a seal trader in China and can supply all kinds of rubber seal.

If you are interested, please contact me

-- Benjamin Xu (, January 22, 2003.

You are looking for a brewhead gasket - same as on the Krupps Model 964, be sure to tell them it is "grooved". Found a replacement at Action Appliance in Seattle 206 -448-2020

-- Scot Campbell (, February 13, 2003.

What Scot Campbell says is true, I ordered the brewhead "grooved" gasket from Action Appliance in Seattle 206 -448-2020 and it works like a charm on my Buon Caffe Model 330.

Cheers everyone!!!

-- Mitch Feinstein (, June 09, 2003.

QUESTION: I have a Buon Caffe 320 model and it's been working like a gem for the past several years...only problem...just moved out of state and misplaced the single and double shot stainless steal filter baskets. There are NO starbucks around and the mfgr. (Buon) no longer exists. Does anyone know where I can purchase these filter baskets? Thanks!

-- monique (, September 08, 2004.

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