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I'm doing research on the former SAL line through Claxton, GA. I need to know the division name for that line when a SAL and SCL operation so I can search for employee timetables from 1950 to 1989. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-- Brandon Housewright (, June 03, 2002


The 4th quarter 2001 issue of Lines South ("Pig Trails of Southwest Georgia") had a lot of detail on this line, especially during SCL days, including the division and subdivision names. Back issues are available through our catalog.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 03, 2002.

In 1948 Claxton was on the Savannah Sub-division of the Alabama Division of the SAL.

-- Tom Underwood (, June 03, 2002.

If memory serves me, that piece of line from Savannah to Montgomery (Clisby Park was the SALyard in Montgomery), belonged to SCL Savannah Division, in particular the Americus Subdivision, that also passed through Plains, GA (home of former President Carter). Also it was timetable-train order operation. It is now in sad.

-- Walt Rogers (, June 03, 2002.

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