Many of the participants from this board have moved to a new site. This site will also remain available for viewing and posting for those who would like to stay here. Thank you for your help and cooperation as we make this transition.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, June 03, 2002


Thanks Melissa, It's nice to have options. So what's everyone doing during the first week of June? I'm making strawberry jam, beef jerky & possibly canning peaches. The garden & yard is getting dry, we haven't had rain for over a week and it was 95 today! I water but that doesn't seem to be as good as rain for the plants. My blueberries & the wild blackberries should be ready to pick within a couple of weeks I have added new ducklings,goslings & a mini donkey to the 'funny farm' this last weekend. I'm enjoying each and every one of them. Life is good. KA

-- Kathy Aldridge (, June 03, 2002.

Kathy, where are you? Our peaches are nowhere near ready around here in Central OK. I'm looking forward to the blackberries in a few weeks, though. Strawberries are on my plan for next year's garden - no bed to put them in yet!

-- Christine in OK (, June 05, 2002.

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