Dwight Mitchell sighting during TT F1 coverage

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About halfway through the coverage of the TT F1 race tonight (which David Jefferies totally dominated by the way), there was a very short portion showing Dwight Mitchell getting passed by Ian Lougher. Passed was probably not the right word for it, it was more like schooled... But I always thought that Americans weren't in the same league as the Islanders... And I don't mean talent-wise... Take that however you want!

The only person recently who has been able to keep up with the 1000cc 4 cylinder bikes was Joey Dunlop but he's no longer with us. The big bikes just have too much power when the road goes straight, which is much of the time.

I bet the MV is the right bike to be riding at that circuit though. I'd think that a bike that was utterly stable over bumps and coming off of corners would be the best choice. As far as I can tell, the MV should be with the best of them in this regard.

Go Dwight!

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), June 02, 2002

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