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Give peas a chance

-- (murder@repug.konspiracy), June 02, 2002


Fucking repugs know no limits of degradation. Kill them all.

-- (, June 02, 2002.

If Stephen King killed anybody, it would be with some kind of demented torture, not a simple gun shot. Loved the Kathy Bates movie but hate reading his books.

-- Maria (, June 03, 2002.

Noooo Maria! Even The Stand and The Shining???

-- (cin@cin.cin), June 03, 2002.

Cin :)

I guess I didn't read those books. They may have been good, the movies certainly were. I remember picking up two books (they hadn't been made into movies) and found them pretty disturbing. I guess what's left to the imagination is worse than seeing it on screen. I dunno.

-- Maria (, June 03, 2002.

Dear John,

Hillary and I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our country's new spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know there is a bilateral consensus of compassion and forgiveness. Therefore, we want you to know that no grudge is borne against you for shooting President Reagan. We are well aware of how mental stress and pain could have driven you to such an act of desperation. Hillary and I are confident you will soon make a complete recovery, and return to your family to join the world again as a healthy and productive citizen.

Best wishes,

Bill Clinton President United States of America

P.S. Just thought you might like to know, Ken Starr is fucking Jodie Foster.

-- (matt drudge @ clinton.archives), June 03, 2002.

"P.S. Just thought you might like to know, Ken Starr is fucking Jodie Foster."

Are you sure about that Matt? Ken Starr doesn't even have a penis, does he? Better check your sources on that one, I doubt Jodie Foster would let that creep get within 100 feet of her.

I've heard from a very reliable source at the White House that Dick Cheney is using Ken Starr in his little after-hours S&M games. Cheney gets too frustrated with real women, so he makes Dumbya, Ashcroft, and Starr pretend they are his little bitches that he can slap around. That's how Dumbya got the "pretzeldent" on his face and Ashcroft got those scrapes a while ago. He likes to make them drop their shorts and bend over a couch so that he can whip all 3 of their asses in a row. If they whimper or sob, Cheney pretends he is Adolph Hitler and slaps them around for not being tough Nazis.

-- (the@latest.scoop), June 03, 2002.

‘The Latest Scoop’ will not be provided by the idiot above. It is a well known fact inside the D.C. Beltway that Dick Cheney has an enormous cock and many a lady has had the pleasure of seeing it up close and personal. The real scoop is that Lynn Cheney long ago resigned herself to the reality of Cheney’s sexual prowess and his willingness to share his good fortune with a legion of females.

This will no doubt disappoint the limp dick liberals who are still worshiping Clinton for getting his ‘average sized’ weenie sucked off by a pliable intern.

Clinton used his power and position to intimidate women into sexual activities, whereas Cheney draws a voluntary crowd wherever women seeking extraordinary stud sex may gather.

Another verification of the old adage: “ Never judge a book by its cover”

Or, in this case: “Pick the Dick, not the Hick”

-- Free (head@case.analysis), June 03, 2002.

LOL nut case, sounds like you got a thing for "Dick", in more ways than one! I'm starting to get a better idea what you mean by "Free head" case analysis!!

-- hee-haaw! (nutcase blows @ repugs. for free), June 03, 2002.

“This will no doubt disappoint the limp dick liberals who are still worshiping Clinton for getting his ‘average sized’ weenie sucked off by a pliable intern.”

No sooner said than our own limp dick liberal checks-in. Hee-Haaw, you are not just stupid….you are ‘predictably’ stupid.

Thanks for playing Doc.

-- Free (head@case.analysis), June 03, 2002.

Quoting yourself now, "Free head"?? LOL, it didn't mean anything the first time, and it sure doesn't the second!

-- bwaahahaa! (free head @ for. pug politicians), June 03, 2002.

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