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Hey Linda,

Heres the quote from the chat from September 1, 2001! Get it THE NIGHT OF THE CHAT!

And here is those pics I found at Wireimage. It is a stock photo company that sells photos to magazines and newspapers so their dates have to be accurate. you can alsogo there and look, theres TONS of pics from that nite. You can look at the thumbnails like i copied here, but you have to be a journalist or magazine person or stuff to get in there. Anyway....


-- Amanda (, June 02, 2002


Thanks Amanda, yeah but does it help answer questions or pose more!!!!!

-- Linda (, June 03, 2002.

...As far as the special messages from Heath...they are real. He only acknowledges the site because my cousin Nicole is an assistant publicist and agent in the same office one of his publicists works. She talks to him quite frequently...but alas... I never have! Shoot! The site isin the process of becoming official...but unfortunately this can take quite awhile for it to happen (if it does). Thats why I don't make any claims to have the official site or anything likethat...because its just not yet! If and when it becomes will most likely come from Heaths manager...which happens to be his father Kim. Unfortunately I don't think that Heath has much say in that sort of stuff... atleast not at the moment...

-- Linda (, June 03, 2002.

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