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Our unity is in our diversity.

(You can smell the spilled bong-water, canít you? Thereís a certain mindset that automatically finds profundity in oxymorons - itís as if they believe that something so manifestly false must be true. But if the people in the recording studio had kept talking, they'd have found something to argue about)

Musician #1: We are all human!

Musician #2: Yes, we are all human.

We share the same passions, the same needs.

Yes, our hearts beat in the same eternal rhythm.

We have loved, and lost, and yearned and desired.

Yes, many are the passions of life.

Every head, hand and heart stretches up towards the divine.

Yes, we contain within us the seeds of eternity.

We all realize that we are but rude clay, defined by our imperfections, redeemed by the spark of grace.

Yes, life is a process of confronting that which is evil and base, and turning our essence to a higher purpose.

We can only succeed by following the tenets of the Islam.

Yes, we - well, actually, Iím Hindu, and Iíd say -

Hindu? Why are you building a temple on the grounds sacred to our faith?

Your faith? Itís holy to us, too. Anyway, letís jam some more. Hereís a riff -

Your people killed a thousand of the faithful in a vicious riot!

Excuse me, but your people burned a trainload of my people en route to pray.

(the rest of the band is now shifting nervously in their seats, looking at their watches.)

Your polytheistic heresy offends Allah!

Yes, well, our gods can beat up your God. We have one god with three times the arms of your Allah.

Filthy pigdog!

Raper of Kashmir!

-- (Rodney King @ peaceable.kingdom), June 01, 2002


yOU Are botH rONg.

-- (Al D @ keepin the turth.baby), June 01, 2002.


-- (sam@sam.sam), June 01, 2002.

If there is nucular war between India and Pakistan it is Dumbya-the-traitor's fault. He is asleep at the wheel.

-- (regurgitate@repug.puke), June 01, 2002.

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