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Where is the closest place to North Carolina I can buy Chock-full-o-Nuts Morning Blend coffee????? I can find regular blend here, but not the Morning Blend or 100% Columbian in the can ?????? Please help

-- william henry carter (, June 01, 2002


We have it here in Southern Maryland, St. Mary's County, Giant Food Stores. Probably not much help, but thought I'd let you know.

-- Laura Wilkinson (, July 30, 2002.

Kroger and King Soopers carries it but I don't know if they exist in Nort Carolina. Hope that helps.

-- David Damrell (, August 19, 2002.

I also found it on the web at this site. However, the cost is about $12 for 39 oz and at Kroger Kings it is about $6.60 for 39 oz.

-- denver broncos (, August 19, 2002.

I too am lokking for Morning Roast wholebean coffee... I'm in Oregon.. Any suggestions ? Kroger owns Fred Meyer's food stores here, but they don't carry ChokfullOnuts coffee :o( HELP :o)

-- Mike (, October 19, 2002.

I too am looking for Morning Roast wholebean coffee... I'm in Oregon.. Any suggestions ? Kroger owns Fred Meyer's food stores here, but they don't carry ChockfullOnuts coffee :o( HELP :o)

-- Mike (, October 19, 2002.

Try contacting Sara Lee, which owns Chock Full of Nuts Coffee Company. I'm sure they have a customer relations department that will be happy to let you know where to buy in your area. If that doesn't work, try the website for Cafe El Marino Coffee Company, Mazatlan, Mexico. Cafe El Marino packs Chock Full of Nuts Coffee for Sara Lee. It has been awhile since I checked their website, but I recall it had an email address for their sales manager, Javier Lizzaraga, who could give you a contact person at Sara Lee who would know who carries the label in your part of the country.

-- Berry Hawkins (, January 31, 2003.

I am not posting where to find CFON coffee. I am actually posting to say that I am pretty sure that CFON has only one blend. They change the packaging which I have seen it say the following on the package:

The Heavenly Coffee 100% Colombian Morning Blend

But on all cans when you read the side it states, "We have only one grind it makes perfect coffee" That may mean it's All-Method grind and not flavor. I have seen Decaf though with the green lid. I have noticed the can go from 13oz to 11oz.....??

Just my input to add to the thread...

-- Bill Clinton (, February 25, 2003.

I am not replying to the closest place but also am asking where the closest place is to Zion, IL. My sis absolutely loves Chock full o Nuts and I am trying to obtain it without going on the web. Thank you.

-- Judy Clark (, June 11, 2004.

Try Sam's Club. I have had great luck there in all cities.

-- H Watson (, August 01, 2004.

chock o nuts can found in piggly wiggly, walmart, or publix hope this helps. regular blend that is and i love chock full o nuts too. i drink it every morning

-- anne (, August 05, 2004.

Trader Joes [specialty grocery store] in Modesto CA has it. Perhaps all Trader Joes stock it.

-- Parnnel Jones (, January 10, 2005.

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